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"We have always found your service to be of the highest quality, professional and competitive." - Woods Management
"Our Clients are very pleased with the recent contract undertaken" - Gross Fine Mgt
"We have found the services of Clear Solutions meet our requirements perfectly" - Alliance Managing Agents
"Clear Solutions have proven to be reliable and excellent at their work, as the recent contract confirms beautifully" - Director, Greenacres
"We never fail to receive positive feedback from our clients when Clear Solutions have carried out works on our site" - RMG Management
"We have always found dealing with Clear Solutions to be a simple, hassle free process" - Alliance Mgt
"As a managing agent it is crucial that we source the right contractors for the job and we would have no hesitation in recommending Clear Solutions." - RMG Mgt
"We would have no problem in recommending Clear Solutions to anyone requiring good cleaning services" - Oakdale Leaseholders Association
"Clear Solutions demonstrate a high level of professionalism across the company, from their administration right up to their on site services." - Alliance Mgt
"Any other jobs which come up we will of course contact you as you are one of our tried and tested (and nicest!) contractors." - Sinclair Property Mgt

Clear Solutions - Window Cleaning Contractors for London

Clear Solutions carry out work at height.  We clean the exteriors of large developments and blocks around London.  Primarily we work for property managers, facilities managers and other building managers.  

Services we offer include:

All photographs on the site are of our team at work.  See recent contracts

We are accredited as a Safe Contractor.  Members of our team are qualified to work at height.

To discuss your property and for quotes, call us on 020 8343 7430 or email us.

We look forward to working with you.


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